a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



Diorama of an art exhibition no.2 part 2

~ Opening ~
 Saturday, March 5th - 6pm-10pm
[Exhibition extended till the end of March]

The Artists 
in no particular order :

Gabi Mendoza ~ California
Eric Hofferber ~ Minnesota

Visit our curious new space
at the Santora
in old Santa Ana.


introducing in february...

 Musee16 in Santa Ana..
 took a little trip over there yesterday
and snapped a few photos...

 our friend- Christina painted 
the musee16 sign/painting for us.
it's traveled from northwest portland- 
up through the backwoods-
then down by the sea
 and to southern california.. 
fits so wonderfully on the wall in it's new space

don't want to leak out too much information yet.
 have to wait till later for more.
so for now-
to be continued...


you are shrinking

smaller than a snowflake

click on the center of any 
of the snowflakes 
above or below
to get a glimpse
of just how small 
you might become
if you were to shrink
smaller than a
and be seen under the

[found on mazm]


would you like that wrapped

in the shoppe:
a wooden toy submarine with a bullseye.
take your view with you anywhere.
here is a nice bakelite view-master.
and this stunning little velvet rabbit with a cotton
tail- just sold.

to visit the shoppe to view
more wonderful and rare collectables-
just click on the rabbit's nose.


two divers and one suit

Preparing to explore the wreck of the RMS Lusitania in 1935

One is wearing an atmosphere diving suit 
and the other in a standard diving dress -


here is an early diving suit -
sure to have some strange effects

musée 16