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The Dog's Breakfast part 2 at Musée16

Join us at Musée16 for the
Dog's Breakfast exhibit part 2
on Saturday, July 2 from 7-10pm.
Works by Maite Josefa Horta, Susan Eastman, 
Abi Whitehouse, Alex Sanchez & Noelle Maline

Finger foods and refreshments
along with
Bits and Pieces Projections
from Lindsay Anderson's 1973
O Lucky Man!
This will be the final opening and closing of 
The Dog's Breakfast exhibit.
This also marks the wonderful ending show and last month
for Musée16 at the Santa Ana space.


Fetiche Macotte [1933] - The Mascot

by Ladislas Starewicz
born as Wladyslaw Starewicz in Moscow

part one

part 2


places you [might] never want to visit

The definitive guide to the worst, most horrible islands in the world including snake ridden deathtraps, radioactive beaches, breeding grounds of disease, poisonous play lands, islands of the insane, and the island kingdom of a murderous madman.
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fans, art and artists- the opening last night

[works by Maite Josefa Horta]

[works by Susan Eastman]

[works by Alejandro Sanchez, Maite Josefa Horta, Noelle Maline]

musée 16