a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



Art works ~ Part 2 - A study of mushrooms and hot dogs...

These are a few more photos,
some close ups of the artist's works.. 
 on Exhibit at Musee16...This is part two.
Up from May 17th to June 28th -

{ James D. Olsen - California - Natural Science Sculptures }

{ James D. Olsen - California - collection }

 { Melanie Sinclair - Canada - Mushroom Study 1 through 5 }

 { Tammy J. McNary - Texas - Harbor }

{ Tommi Cahill - California - Pigs in a Blanket }

 { Elizabeth Huey - New York - Expo With Hot Dog }

 { Christina Owen - Oregon - Suri's Field Trip }

{ Deryke Cardenaz - California - An Examination.. of painting 
involving premise and execution }

 { Alyssa Emiko Hori - California - untitled }

{ Gabi Mendoza - California - untitled }

 { Eric JC Hofferber - Minnesota - Death of the Quest }

 { Elizabeth Strozewski - California - untitled }

{ Noëlle Maline - California  - Gash in a Roll }

 { Jim Stewart of the Zymoglyphic Museum - California 
- The Valley of the Stone Giants }

{ Jim Stewart of the Zymoglyphic Museum - California 
- The World of Wonders }

{ Dina Farris Appel - California - untitled }

{ Ray Young Chu - California - Frogs and Mushroom }

{ Jacqueline Wright - California - Mycology }

{ Dena Johnson - Arizona - Spider }

{ Janet Pickle - Pennsylvania - Blood Tooth }

If you would like any more information on any of the artists or their works,
please visit our website or the Musee16 facebook page.


a most spectacular adventure

Karel Zeman's ~ 1961 ~ Czechoslovakian
~  Baron Prasil   ~
{ aka  The Fabulous Baron Munchausen }

A most Spectacular Adventure!

Art works ~ Part 1 - A study of mushrooms and hot dogs...

Here are a few photos 
I took of the Exhibit up at the 
Musee16...This is part one.
Up from May 17th to June 28th -

 { works by Deryke Cardenaz and 
Jim Stewart of the Zymoglyphic Museum
and a wall of interesting artist's bios }
 { A study of fungus under the microscope }
{ Much Mush ~ a zine by James D. Olsen }
{ mushroom photos collected by James D. Olsen }
{a wall of vintage mushroom collection }
 { works by Elizabeth Strozewski, 
Tammy J. McNary
and Noëlle Maline }
 { works by Christina Owen,
Elizabeth Huey, 
Janet Pickle,
Eric Hofferber
and Tommi Cahill }
{ work by Dena Johnson }
{ works by Melanie Sinclair,
Deryke Cardenaz,
Alyssa Emiko Hori
and Gabi Mendoza }
 { works by Jacqueline Wright,
Ray Young Chu
and Dina Farris Appel }
Second part, 
with close ups...will be up here shortly.


The May Art Opening - Mushrooms and Hot Dogs

I want to thank all of the art fans and artists who
joined us at the opening on Thursday evening..
And to all of the artists who participated, yet could not be there
and to those of you who were there in invisible form...
The entire night was such a wonderful event because of
all of you!

 1970's stuff to watch on the tele..
 works and part of the vintage mushroom collection,
right before the people arrived,
 art fan with artists discussing and such,
 tommi with an onion condiment,
the ongoing condiment table,
 gabi, alyssa and art fans with corn dog,
 art fans reading the artists bios,
{some of them were humorous}
 tommi and ray exchanging stuff,

 lucien shapiro's work  [permanent collection],
 phyllis diller on the tele,
 james on lefty bass aka 'origins of coal'
 dina with work,  along with gary,
 part of the vintage mushroom collection, 
 deryke with art fans,
tammy's work,
Tommi with 'pigs in a blanket' work,
vintage mushroom collection,
{snap shots taken by Noëlle}

The Mushroom and Hot Dog Basement Show
will be on Exhibit at Musee16 from,
May 17 to June 28.

I'll be posting more photos of the artist's work's this week...

musée 16