a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



floating chairs..off the coast

Here is a collection of things 
we have meticulously collected from space
floating over here on 
16 pairs of 16 floating chairs :
tap on any one 
of the three images 

 { joseph cornell jar}
 { underwater sounds }
{painstakingly diligent }


today at the the musee

frog with sound wire 
way up high
in the corner...

{by noëlle maline}

listening to ~


Hermina Tyrlova, 1958

Uzel na kapesníku...

A node on a handkerchief 

Hermina was often called the mother of Czech animation...


A day of art, pizza and gene gene

~ Friends and art fans ~

Come have pizza and lemonade and hang out with me at the gallery on Thursday April 12th.. I'll be watching the old Gong Show all day from 2pm to 10pm. Lawn chairs welcome.

P.S.   It will also be the last day to see the Diorama of an Art Exhibition...

Your fellow cohort,

musée 16