a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



Poison , Casting the Ruins and Minotaure no. 6

While we have been sidetracked with side notes 
here at the Musee..

We have also been diligently working
on a new project for an
exclusive and intimate installation of a
continuation of a
Diorama of an Art Exhibition.

In the meantime reading about and
be inspired by...
Intermissions and Matinees:

Some of our favorite creatives..
Leonora Carrington, Man Ray
and Marcel Duchamp.

 { Leonora Carrington Casting the Ruins, 1951 }

Side note :
Poison ~ A short film by Man Ray ..

Marcel Duchamp ~ Minotaure no. 6, 1934 }

To be continued with map pins , projections and lawn chairs ..

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