a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



a Diorama of an art Exhibition - Feb 18 2012 part 1

here are some photos of the exhibition 
just before the opening the other night...
[i'll post some more from the
rest of the evening in part 2.]

 [work in the permanent collection]

 [work by dorothee dottke]
 [work by bijijoo]
 [work by rudolph maline]
 [work by noelle maline]
 [work by heather thomson and pippa possible]

[16mm found home movie footage - 1949-1959,
edited by james d. olsen] 


a tiny slice of a preview of the artwork for the opening...

 the artist's work is up on the wall in the gallery
at the musee..
thought you would enjoy a preview-
but not to give to much of it away.

 {Dorothee Dottke ~ Germany}

 {Pippa Possible ~ Oregon}

 {Bijijoo ~ Oregon}

 { Heather Thomson ~ United Kingdom}

{Noelle Maline ~ California}

See you on Saturday, February 18 at Musee16
A Diorama of an Art Exhibition


setting up for the opening...

here at the gallery, 
moving things around,
getting work up 
here is a little preview
of the opening coming up on 
February 18 at Musee16...

~ A Diorama of an Art Exhibition ~

to be cont...


imaginary pillow fights with dumb paper lanterns

dumb paper lanterns

{ once in a while we like to share other artists 
that have inspired us in indirect ways - 
and that do really
genuine things
that are not so much in the main stream... }


musée 16