a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



monkey's orchestra by Jan Svankmajer

At the gallery working on a new painting and playing in the background on the tele-
Jan, the artist, film maker and inspiration...

~ One of the great Czech filmmakers, JAN SVANKMAJER was born in 1934 in Prague where he still lives. He trained at the Institute of Applied Arts from 1950 to 1954 and then at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (Department of Puppetry). He soon became involved in the Theatre of Masks and the famous Black Theatre, before entering the Laterna Magika Puppet Theatre where he first encountered film. In 1970 he met his wife, the surrealist painter Eva Svankmajerova, and the late Vratislav Effenberger, the leading theoretician of the Czech Surrealist Group, which Svankmajer joined and of which he still remains a member.


news of the day - mushrooms and hot dogs - call to artists

Dear artist friends -

Do you like thinking about mushrooms and hot dogs?
   Perhaps this thought simply has you feeling inspired to make
 something fungus or frankfurter related in your 1970's basement?

If so...
The theme in May is going to be the
  Mushroom and Hot Dog exhibit.

We are looking for some talented artists that might
  want to be in the next art show at the Musee?

- { Side note - The mushroom theme is more of a fungus in nature and natural history theme..
  And the hot dog part..think 1970's hot dog party in someone else's backyard.
You pick - mushroom or hot dog.
 It could be a drawing, painting, collage, film, sculpture or some words.}

If you think you might be interested in participating in this project, 
  let me know and I will send you some more information on this exhibit.

your comrade,
down at the musee,

fb message the musee -

art fans at the diorama of an art exhibition opening

Here are a few photos of some of the art fans that
came for the opening at Musee16.
We had a really great time and thank you all so much for coming!

musée 16