a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



interview with Greg Schenk

The Musee had a seat with Greg Schenk- who is one of the artists showing work in the no.three exhibition...and asked him a few very personal questions...
   [mugshot of greg][musee] - 1. What is a typical day in the life of greg like?
[greg] - I wake up and gather myself for the day, check my email and look for work. 
[musee] - 2. Are you currently obsessed with anything particular?
[greg] - Getting a studio downtown.
[musee] - 3. Did you have a favorite twilight zone episode or outer limits episode when you were a kid?
[greg] - I like the one where everybody has a pig snout and the girl needs an operation to get one so she won't be so ugly. It's a good start to a discussion about conformity and our need for acceptance.

in the museum

[A Gilbert microscope set with Polaroid junior
mysterious views through
the magic lens and a Telegraph...]

some pertinent information about morse code:

The Sender

In order to send a message you needed to be trained and you had to know Morse code. Since most people didn't know Morse code, they went to a telegraph operating station and dictated their message to the operator. In the electromagnet telegraph, when the key was tapped an electric current, which was running through wires that were connected to the receiver, was cut on and provided electricity for the electromagnet on the other side. A combination of holding the key down for a long or short time made the symbols of Morse code.
A telegraph key
A telegraph key

The Receiver

Like the sender, the receiver also had to be trained to receive a message. An electromagnet rang a bell so the receiver could watch the message come in. The magnet also moved a pen up and down onto a moving piece of paper. When the key was tapped, it provided electricity so the magnet could ring the bell and move the pen onto the message paper. Originally translators decoded the message after the message was printed. Around 1850 the message was translated as the dots and dashes came in.


interview with monica roache

Monica is one of the artists showing her work in the no.3 exhibit at the moment.

[above work by monica roache]

The Musee met with here and asked her 3 questions and this was what she had to say...

[musee] - 1. If you could be in a book of worlds record's for having the largest collection of one certain kind of thing...what would that be a collection of?

[monica[ - Day of the Dead skull collection.

[musee] - 2. If you were a song...what song would you be?

[monica] - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: This song came about from the English poem, "The Star" by Jane Taylor. A small excerpt that has strong meaning and is used to soothe children around the world. I consider myself to be a source of positive energy for those close to me.

[musee] - 3. What did you want to be when you were a kid and does your art have anything to do with that?

[monica] - mortician/astronaut/opera singer/mermaid: Ever since I was a kid I would make chaotic drawings that had an ellaborate story that I would have to verbally tell. I couldn't stick to just one idea. I was interested in exploring a little bit of everything. This carries over to my adulthood. I love exploring ideas and topics ranging from life, death, fantasy and reality. Currently my work focuses on drawings of "organisms". They are fictional molecular forms that can either be sea life or bodily cells. Life and art is what we make it to be. They collide and fuse together..
[monica below]

the gift shoppe

a little window...


interview with christina owen

Christina is one of the artists showing her work in the no.3 exhibit at the moment.

[above works by christina owen]

To stay within the theme of the number three...The musee asked her 3 personal questions...

[musee] - 1. What was the most favorite thing you have ever owned or had? 

[christina] - 'Probably my horse skull. I found it at a yard sale my first week in Oregon after moving here. It was under a patio table covered in moss. I still couldn't believe the moss situation here. I brought it home and scrubbed it clean in the bathtub. Its jaw wasn't attached so I wired it together. Now it just sits on a chair or sometimes next to my bed. It's just very beautiful.'

[musee] - 2. If you were down in a bomb shelter for the next 10 years and someone curiously yelled down a tube one day and asked you if you wanted them to pick you up some food from any restaurant in the world...and that place were still open....where would that food be from? and what dishes would you want?

[christina] - 'How sadistic. I'd probably want a cheeseburger at that point. There was a restaurant by my house called Lovely Hula Hands that made the best cheeseburger with bleu cheese. It's closed now, but we're talking about a hypothetical future in which this person is probably trying to lure me out of my shelter so he can eat me himself, right?'

[musee] - 3. Did you have a favorite twilight zone episode or outer limits episode, when you were a kid...and what about it really stuck with you?

[christina] - ' I can't say it was my favorite, but the old gremlin on the airplane wing certainly made an impression on me. And by impression I mean a deeply programmed neurosis that cripples me to this day involving dark windows and the curtains that cover them.'


by the sea shore and you are invited

musée 16 location this Sunday- 8/29, we will be down by the Sea.
across from the Ecological Reserve at Bolsa Chica beach.

7pm till 9pm     [which is when the park closes]

[park near no.15 station & bathrooms & the 16 lookout.]

the map is here-
Official web site for CA State Parks

 there will be- 
artworks from the no.3 exhibit, 
 a tour of the museum,
hot dogs, 
 a sunset, 
the sound of the waves &
a breeze from the sea

traveling troika

things of interest
with the no.3 :

a three horse sled...

by Aleksander Orlowski
 "Traveler in a Kibitka (Hooded Cart or Sledge)"
 lithograph- 1819, 
 The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
[thanks to the Olga Museum]


peek at musee

the other night
we had a few friends and some of the artists that have work
in the no.3 show
come over and take a first glance tour
 of the traveling musee16 gallery and museum shoppe...

our sign lights up nice 
in the evening.

and here is a sneaky preview
of the curious little shoppe
as you step foot inside...

and then to be cont...

[august 15th is the official grand opening-
photos to come
 from that event in the park.]

musée 16