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a diorama

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Miniatyr Histoire by Elisa Saether and Baba's Yaga's House

Here is a peek at
Baba Yaga's House performance by Elisa Saether 
for the opening night of
the Miniatyr Histoire exhibit.. With
 Sound accompaniment by Chiptunes.

Where Baba Yaga lives :
Baba Yaga lives in a magic house that has a life of its own..
And it's as much a character of Russian folklore as is 
Baba Yaga herself. The house looks, at first glance,
like a normal house. Closer inspection reveals that the house
stands on chicken legs that enable it to move about in
accordance with Baba Yaga's wishes.
The hut is either described as being windowless and doorless, or it turns
its back to would-be visitors so that the door remains
unseen to them. The hut may also spin around in a whirl,
making entry impossible. The hut will only reveal its
door after a magic spell or rhyme is said..

A little about the artist :

Elisa is nomadic by circumstance, having lived in 30 places 
by the age of 30. She grew up on the beaches of Los Angeles,
 before spending a decade and a year in Norway
 taking a media vacation and thriving on the 
underground scene. She studied painting and drawing with the 
Master Jan Valentin at the Bruchion School in Los Angeles. 
While abroad, she became involved in mask making, performance, 
and costuming. The Circus No Purpose originated in the fortress
 town of Fredrikstad, Norway in the late 1900’s. It was there, in an 
attic of an old wooden house, while playing hookie from puppet school
 that the name was happened upon during a costumed clowning.

She has a BA in Art Practice and Theater, Dance and 
Performance Studies from UC Berkeley and is currently graduating 
with an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

The exhibit is up from May 11th to June 22nd

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