a diorama of an art exhibition

a diorama

of an art



... Brion Gysin and William Burroughs Third Mind ..

.. Because it's raining .

A story about ideas , cut~ups and collaborations .
A respected friendship and
a Dreamachine .
Brion Gysin and William Burroughs ..

Eclipsing Television and
abstracting language .



.. a Halloween night .

In the shadows of ghosts and noir ..

The Musée16 Salon and Outside Society Club 
Invite you and a few other members 
to join us and attend a
Decadent Halloween Party
At the old Oviatt Building in the
Cicada room. 
~ Friday , October 31st ~
More information and tickets over here :

{ And if we don't see you
because you are dressed up
like the Invisible Man..
Have a Happy Halloween ! 
From Musée16 .. and
Lloyd the Bartender }


Poison , Casting the Ruins and Minotaure no. 6

While we have been sidetracked with side notes 
here at the Musee..

We have also been diligently working
on a new project for an
exclusive and intimate installation of a
continuation of a
Diorama of an Art Exhibition.

In the meantime reading about and
be inspired by...
Intermissions and Matinees:

Some of our favorite creatives..
Leonora Carrington, Man Ray
and Marcel Duchamp.

 { Leonora Carrington Casting the Ruins, 1951 }

Side note :
Poison ~ A short film by Man Ray ..

Marcel Duchamp ~ Minotaure no. 6, 1934 }

To be continued with map pins , projections and lawn chairs ..


Night in a Surrealist Forest

Very fitting for the month of October..

This is a 1941 newsreel about A Surrealist dinner party held at the Hotel Del Monte in Monterey, CA.
Hosted and designed by Salvador Dali.
It was a fund raiser to help displaced European artists during the war.


A Musee side bulletin

In the news

... The word that comes up in passing conversations lately ..

                                                          tran·si·tion (trn-zshn, -ssh-)  
n.   1. Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.2. a. Passage from one subject to another in discourse. b. A word, phrase, sentence, or series of sentences connecting one part of a discourse to another. 3. Musica. A modulation, especially a brief one. b. A passage connecting two themes or sections.

{installation by Noelle Maline}

{shhhh....a transition exhibition to be cont..}


Miniatyr Histoire by Elisa Saether and Baba's Yaga's House

Here is a peek at
Baba Yaga's House performance by Elisa Saether 
for the opening night of
the Miniatyr Histoire exhibit.. With
 Sound accompaniment by Chiptunes.

Where Baba Yaga lives :
Baba Yaga lives in a magic house that has a life of its own..
And it's as much a character of Russian folklore as is 
Baba Yaga herself. The house looks, at first glance,
like a normal house. Closer inspection reveals that the house
stands on chicken legs that enable it to move about in
accordance with Baba Yaga's wishes.
The hut is either described as being windowless and doorless, or it turns
its back to would-be visitors so that the door remains
unseen to them. The hut may also spin around in a whirl,
making entry impossible. The hut will only reveal its
door after a magic spell or rhyme is said..

A little about the artist :

Elisa is nomadic by circumstance, having lived in 30 places 
by the age of 30. She grew up on the beaches of Los Angeles,
 before spending a decade and a year in Norway
 taking a media vacation and thriving on the 
underground scene. She studied painting and drawing with the 
Master Jan Valentin at the Bruchion School in Los Angeles. 
While abroad, she became involved in mask making, performance, 
and costuming. The Circus No Purpose originated in the fortress
 town of Fredrikstad, Norway in the late 1900’s. It was there, in an 
attic of an old wooden house, while playing hookie from puppet school
 that the name was happened upon during a costumed clowning.

She has a BA in Art Practice and Theater, Dance and 
Performance Studies from UC Berkeley and is currently graduating 
with an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

The exhibit is up from May 11th to June 22nd


An Evening with Filmmaker Fabian Euresti.. Thursday, March 28th 8pm

On Thursday, March 28th at 8pm..
Filmmaker Fabian Euresti
will be screening his documentary
~ Everybody's Nuts ~
Gallery opens at 7:30pm
Film starts at 8pm!

A little About Fabian :
I am a writer/director based in Los Angeles.
The son of immigrant Mexican farm laborers, I was born
and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. My work is informed by my
formative years in rural California. This incredible fecund
valley that lies between San Francisco and  Los Angeles
seems to be all but forgotten. The stories I am compelled to
tell should be heard too. Ultimately, my stories begin their
journey at the intersection of landscape and history.

Fabian Vasquez Euresti was born in Bakersfield and raised 
nearby in McFarland. He holds a B.A. in English Literature
 from California State University, Bakersfield, and a M.F.A. 
in Film Directing from California Institute of the Arts.

His works has been screened at nearly twenty-five 
film festivals worldwide. Not content with writing and 
directing, he dabbles in curating film screenings at Concord
 in northeast Los Angeles. Recently, he helped program short 
and feature documentaries for Slamdance Film Festival. 
Fabian is editing several non-fiction short films and has a 
feature-length script in development.

Filmography :
Dos, Por Favor (Two, Please) 2010
and Everybody's Nuts 2010

*bring a beach chair or a pillow if you'd like
*free parking out front
10.00 suggested donation
*refreshment bar


MindCamp - Opening Reception, Saturday, March 23rd

You are invited to...

The MindCamp Exhibition theme draws
inspiration from  a body of beliefs , conversion,
thought reform  and deprogramming.

{Here are some photos of the show!}

Work by Christina Owen
' Hubbardite Crafts , Pasadena CA'

Above work by Christina Owen
'Hubbardite Crafts - Hemet, CA'

Sight and sound performance by
Elevator to the Gallows
 Sight ans sound performance by
Elevator to the Gallows
Above photographs by Nicole Panter
'The Missionary Project'

Noelle Maline

Above works by Noelle Maline
'Evening Skies'

... About the Artists in MindCamp ~

Noëlle Maline - California

Noëlle grew up down by the sea in an old look-out tower. As a teenager, she lived up in the mountains near Canada. She studied photography and mountaineering in the Colorado Rockies and attended CalArts for a short while, she then took a few years off for traveling and research. During this time she won the Art of California Gold Award, had many
exhibits and collaborated with many artists.. Thereupon, she went back to complete her degree at CalArts for installation, visual art and
experimental sound.

~note on the side by the artist:
These pieces... along with the exhibit.. draw inspiration from behavior modification, cults and reprogramming, which I have a little first hand experience with- Not by my choice, but my parent’s. It seemed to be a thing to send your children off to the mountains, into the dark woods with
complete strangers...
 When I was 13, I was taken to such a place 1332 miles away, by two men that my father had hired. I spent two and a half years in the dark woods where these people practiced thought reform... Identities were stripped away and there was no outside contact. Communcation, television and music were also not permitted. Escaping was almost impossible.
(When I've been asked about it.. I would often compare scenes from that time of my life to Orwell's 1984, Kafka's stories and The Prisoner.)

The Dark woods  - collage, paint and ink on paper


Christina Owen  -  Oregon
Christina spent the earlier half of her life in Pasadena and living around Los Angeles.
Christina got her BFA from Cal Arts while
specializing in experimental animation and playing the saw.
She now lives in an attic in Portland, Oregon,
where she toils away on projects of varying levels of secrecy.
Things we can leak are projects like background painting and miniature set designs.
She thinks about orange blossoms from time to time.

Hubbardite Crafts by Christina Owen
Pasadena, California
Hemet, California


Nicole Panter ~ California
Ran away from her childhood home in Palm Springs at 14 with the intention of joining the circus, but she took a detour to the big city where she and 49 other misfits spontaneously combusted into what would become known as the Los Angeles punk rock scene.  She managed the notorious band The Germs, a moment in time that was immortalized in the documentary film, The Decline of Western Civilization.  After her 1980 retirement from punk rock, she became an actor & writer (The Pee Wee Herman Show), script editor, the author of a couple of books of fiction, a culture & film critic, essayist, a photographer, human rights activist, a Mojave desert conservationist, an educator and a jeweler.  She teaches screenwriting at the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts).
The Missionary Position
On a 2007 trip to Central America, I was surprised to see pairs of clean-cut young Mormon missionaries in every backwater and village I traveled to, no matter how remote or primitive.  They were always bright, shiny and cheerful and I began to wonder about the lives of these young men. I am fascinated by Mormons and the LDS religion (and yes, polygamy) and I am also fascinated by the idea that these ostensibly naïve and sheltered young men are cast out into the farthest corners of the world on their own to spread the word of their unorthodox faith and to gather converts. I got the idea to photograph Mormon missionaries after my return to the United States from that trip.
These photographs are part of an ongoing series/game of chance called The Missionary Position.  
The rules are simple: I must take a portrait of each pair of Mormon missionaries who cross my path.  I get one shot and that's it. I started the series with the first portrait in Truth or Consequences, NM in Spring 2008.  The series is an ongoing project.  There will only be 5 of each photograph printed. 


An Evening with Filmmaker Mark Street.. Tuesday, March 12th 8pm

On Tuesday, March 12th at 8pm..
Filmmaker Mark Street
will be screening his documentary
Hasta Nunca!
Gallery opens at 7:30pm
Film starts at 8pm!

‘Hasta Nunca’ follows Mario Ligetti, a middle-aged DJ in Montevideo, Uruguay whose call-in radio show exposes the city’s “Secrets and Stories”. As Mario’s life becomes more entangled with that of his callers and listeners, his public and private personas are blurred and the intimate nuances of a city and its residents are revealed.
The film is the product of a close collaboration between North American filmmaker Mark Street and an Uruguayan cast and crew, led by producer Uzi Sabah and lead actor Rufo Martínez, a real life DJ and television personality. Shot in cinéma vérité style, ‘Hasta Nunca’ takes a deeper look at one of Latin America’s under represented countries, carefully touching upon local themes like the lingering effects of the dictatorship and the illegality of abortion. The film interweaves documentary and fiction, scripted narrative and improvisation, and is as much a portrait of Montevideo as it is the story of one of its chroniclers.

~Mark Street graduated from Bard College (B.A, 1986) and the San Francisco Art Institute (MFA 1992). He has shown work in the New York Museum of Modern Art Cineprobe series (1991, 1994), at Anthology Film Archives (1993, 2006, 2009), Millen- nium (1990,1996), and the San Francisco Cinematheque (1986, 1992, 2009). His work has appeared at the Tribeca (5 times), Sundance, Rotterdam, New York, London, San Francisco, New York Underground, Sarajevo, Viennale, Ourense (Spain), Mill Valley, South by Southwest, and other film festivals.

His projects has been supported by a number of grants from foundations, including the JeromeFoundation, the Film Arts Founda- tion, New York State Council on the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council and the NY Experimental TV Center. In 2006 he was asked to participate in the Hallwalls Artists Residency Program in Buffalo, NY.
He has curated and judged several film and art exhibitions including Ventana al Sur: An Evening of Argentine Experimental Film (with Lynne Sachs) at Anthology Film Archives and Pacific Film Archive in 2009 as well as Video Landscapes (2005) and Real Abstractions (2007) both at Fordham University’s Center Art Gallery.
Two of his personal essays “Film is Dead: Long Live Film” and “Festival of Flight” appeared in Film Arts Magazine in 2008. An essay about film funding “Who’s Asking?” appeared Millennium Film Journal # 51 entitled Experi- mental Documentary. Cinema Argentina – An Argentine excursion: film frames and talk therapy (with Lynne Sachs and Pablo Marin) appeared in the Spring 2009 issue of Gonzo Circus.
He has led community workshops a variety of venues (Echo Park Film Center in LA, Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC, Fondacion d’Arte Contemporaneo in Montevi- deo Uruguay)on a variety of topics, includ- ing “The Devil is in the Details: Urban Street Videography.”
He is Associate Professor of Film in the Visual Art Department at Fordham University - Lincoln Center where he teaches film/video produc- tion and other courses that engage contempo- rary artistic practice.

*bring a beach chair or a pillow if you'd like
*free parking out front
10.00 suggested donation
*refreshment bar

Ronnie Presents! Sunday movie night at the Musée 8pm

An evening with Ronnie Barnett ~ Come 'see' what's happening.. If you happen to be in the area..invite your friends.. Hang out on the shag rug... Inquire within.

~Ronnie Barnett is a Texas born musician who now lives in Los Angeles. Ronnie has been performing and collecting records since the age of 5. He also has an extensive VHS collection. Ronnie has played in the L.A. based band The Muffs during their entire 22 year existence. He was once pictured with David Lee Roth.

                                                                           * popcorn and refreshments
*bring a beach chair or a pillow if you'd like
*free parking out front


Film Screening and Puppets by Nicole Emmons

The other night at the Musee,
 we had an evening with
Filmmaker Nicole Emmons!
She screened a few of her experimental 
animation films and we got to take a close up look 
at her stop motion puppets on display..
Afterwards, Nicole shared stories about
the making of her films. 
Here are a few photos from Thursday night.
 {Puppet Love by Nicole Emmons}
{Screening of Nicole's experimental films}
 {Nicole's stop motion puppets on display}
{Q&A discussion with Nicole Emmons}
{Stop motion puppets on display}


snap shots from the other night's opening - part 3

a few more quick snap shots of
collage, painting and photographic
works by the artists.. inspired by the
first international dada fair..
a Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4

{collage work by Hollie Chastain}
{Visitors viewing work by Timothy Reed}
{photograph by Ava Alamshah}
{collage work by Emmanuel Polanco}
{Mount Whateverest arrived and started setting up..}

snap shots from the other night's opening - part 2

 a few more peaks of the artist's works
at the 
Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4..

 {photographs by Josefa Horta}
 {collage work by Colette Saint Yves}
{sound sculpture by James D. Olsen}

{work by Maile Colbert - box, photo, puzzle, headphones,
field recording}

next will be part three..
to be cont.


some snaps from the other night's opening...part 1

We  had such a wonderful time at the Diorama of an Art Exhibition's 
opening on Saturday night!

{ a corner of the gallery } 

Thank you all for coming! To the artists, musicians and fans 
who made this such a brilliant evening! 

 { work by artist, Karen Atkinson }
{ work by artist, Nicole Natri }

It was described by some as an exclusive dada clubhouse, 
an intimate reunion {of people who just met}, 

 {Stephanie, our guest cocktail artist, creating her signature
drink for the evening.. The Morosee16 }
{Mount Whateverest setting up}

a secret happening, a surrealist scavenger hunt..
part 2 coming up next.. to be cont.


An evening with Filmmaker Nicole Emmons

Musée 16 Presents: 
An evening with Filmmaker 
Nicole  Emmons

Thursday, February 28th, 2013
Gallery Opens at 7:30PM, 
Screening Starts at 8PM

Puppets from many of her films will be on display, 
and the accompanying films will be shown. 
This event will be in part in support of the production 
of her next film, currently in progress. 

{ 10 dollar donation at door ~ refreshment bar }
{ Free street parking }


An Art and Sound Opening! ~ Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4 ~ Feb. 16th

You are invited to the opening reception of...

~ Artists ~

     ~ Hollie Chastain ~
An artist living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After working with various media at an early age she fell in love with collage. The subject of the piece is often influenced by the materials as opposed to building around a sketch or idea. As well as various publications you can see her work in galleries and art boutiques both in the US and abroad.
~ Maile Colbert ~
 An intermedia artist with a concentration on sound and video, living in Lisbon, Portugal and teaching at Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade Porto.  She spent the last three years collaborating with the organization Binaural/Nodar, and is an ongoing contributor of articles on Acoustic Ecology at “Sounding Out”, the award winning sound journal.  She holds a BFA in Studio for Interrelated Media from Mass Art, and a MFA in Integrated Media/Film and Video from the Calarts. She has had multiple screenings, exhibits, and shows, including The New York Film Festival, Ear to Earth Festival for Electronic Music Foundation, LACE, MOMA, LACMA, the REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles, The PDX Film Festival, Future Places Festival in Oporto, HOERENSEHEN 2.0 in Berlin, Störung Festival in Barcelona, Teatra Municipal in Guarda, Observitori Festival in Valencia, The Exchange in Cornwall, UK, and has performed and screened widely in Japan, Europe, and the Americas.

~ Emmanuel Polanco ~
Oct. 29, 1977 in Paris, France. He explores through the prism from melancholy the various states of the human soul. Anxiety, nature, death, myths, ghosts and dreams are recurring topics in his artwork. His means of expressions are collage and drawing on antique materials. He is influenced by Flemish painting and by the Hispanic painting. He is also an illustrator. He works with international magazine (Time magazine, LA Times, Monocle, Philosophie magazine etc…), publisher (Penguin, Gallimard etc…) and Theater (The Royal Shakespeare Company).
     ~ Josefa Horta ~
 Her name is Josefa. She lives in a tiny studio apartment with her boyfriend and cat. Josefa is studying History at University of Baltimore. She is an assistant at the Archive Dept at her school. She wishes to one day become a Historian/Archivist. She collects old things, especially things left behind from other people. She has a large suitcase filled with old letters. Some of the letters are from people she knew in her past, and some she never met. Josefa enjoys adventuring alone and during her times alone she finds the most beautiful lonely places. In one of her recent adventures she captures a lonely place during a cold winter in Baltimore. Josefa is not an artist, she enjoys daydreaming.
     ~ Nicole Natri ~
  b. 1982
Went to Uppsala University, Stockholm University and Linköping University. Major concentrations: Art History, History, History of Ideas. Interests: storytelling. 
Currently   living and working in Roslagen, Sweden

     ~ Timothy Reed ~ 
 Timothy Jason Reed was born in the year of the fire dragon in Santa Monica, California. He and his family are in the process of a move to the southern coast of oregon where he looks forward to having a HUGE garden of earthly delights. Tim attended California Institute of the Arts.
     ~ Ava Alamshah ~
 A 2005 Calarts graduate, Ava Alamshah has been a dreamer and collector since childhood. Nostalgic by nature, photography is a means to explore and collect memories. Focusing on landscapes, architecture, and people with a dreamy naivety, she is currently working on a portrait series about friendship. Ava has exhibited work in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

     ~ Colette Saint Yves ~
 I was born in 1987 in France. Since my childhood, I'm interested in animated and immobile images. I use different medias to produce my work { video, photography, collage }

At the same time as my personal work, I study cinema at the University of Lille.
     ~ Karen Atkinson ~
 A media, installation, public artist, independent curator, and collaborator. Atkinson has published and guest edited a number of publications. Exhibiting and curating internationally, Atkinson's work has been shown in South Africa, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, throughout the USA, and in the Fifth Havana Biennial in Cuba and the 2011 Biennale de Paris. She has a Ted Talk on hybrid careers for artists at http://youtu.be/IehUM7XxJNU. Karen created the GYST software for artists from scratch and in 2000 she founded GYST as an artist-run professional practices service company. Currently, Atkinson chooses to focus on making life better for artists and less on exhibiting her own work. 
     ~ Noelle Maline ~
 She grew up by the sea in California.. Noelle studied photography at a mountaineering school in the Colorado Rockies and attended California Institute of the Arts for a short while. Noelle then took a few years off for traveling and research. During this time, she won the Art of California Gold Award, had many exhibits and collaborated with many artists... Thereupon, she went back to complete her degree at Cal Arts for installation, art and experimental sound. Some of her most recent projects have been installations of hidden rooms, a traveling gallery in an old trailer and sound performances to lost film projections. 

     ~ James D. Olsen ~
 James grew up in the mountains around many trees and dirt paths. He has an extensive mushroom memorabilia collection that has been accumulating since the age of fifteen. When James is not playing his bass in a doom/funk band, He is building custom bicycles and working on sound sculptures using old speakers and telephones in his garage... He studied film, sound and art and Cal Arts and sleeps in an old fishing trailer in his backyard.
     ~ Mt Whateverest ~
 From Grass Valley, Ca...
Mount Whateverest create a noisy collision of sugar-coated pop, space-jazz ambiance and giant, classic rock riffs. Armed with distortion boxes, tambourines and lots of extra oxygen, they are so high, they're breaking through into the bottom of something else entirely.

musée 16