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a diorama

of an art



Happy New Year from Musée16

Ring ring.. from us over here the other end of the line..

 For the New Year..
There are going to be some pretty incredible
things going on at the gallery!
The Musee is going to be sending out 
some amazing bulletins with all of the programs,
movie nights, art opening, sound performances, 
events and wonderful information that
you won't want to miss out on..
To sign up for the Musée Newsletter ~
 go to the contact page on our website :
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Wishing you a Kaleidoscope of color and sound..

... A bit of Len Lye in Dufay color and Biguine D'Amour by Don Baretto and his Cuban Orchestra to add Kaleidoscope colors and sound to your last week of the year...

As a student, Lye became convinced that motion could be part of the language of art, leading him to early (and now lost) experiments with kinetic sculpture, as well as a desire to make film. Lye was also one of the first Pakeha artists to appreciate the art of Māori, Australian Aboriginal, Pacific Island and African cultures, and this had great influence on his work. In the early 1920s Lye travelled widely in the South Pacific. He spent extended periods in Australia and Samoa, where he was expelled by the New Zealand colonial administration for living within an indigenous community.
Working his way as a coal trimmer aboard a steam ship, Lye moved to London in 1926. There he joined the Seven and Five Society, exhibited in the 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition and began to make experimental films. Following his first animated film Tusalava, Lye began to make films in association with the British General Post Office, for the GPO Film Unit. His 1935 film A Colour Box, an advertisement for "cheaper parcel post", was the first direct film screened to a general audience. It was made by painting vibrant abstract patterns on the film itself, synchronizing them to a popular dance tune by Don Baretto and His Cuban Orchestra. A panel of animation experts convened in 2005 by the Annecy film festival put this film among the top ten most significant works in the history of animation... more on Len Lye { http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Len_Lye


Au courant calling cards for Musée16

The au courant Musée16 calling cards are finished!
 I custom designed, 
olympia machine typed, 
printed out, cropped and cut them myself!
They are made in smaller batches
so that the hand made unique quality comes through.. 


Happy holidays to you ~ And here's to another year! Sincerly Musée16

Dear Friends  ~    Thank You for helping me preserve the Musée with all of your ideas, collaborations, art, time, performances, donations, volunteering and more.. I'm Very much looking forward to another year of stupendous, unusual and marvelous~ness. Happy Holidays from Noëlle at the Musée. 


esoteric animation ~ Ladislaw Starewicz

Ladislaw Starewicz
 the Russian-Polish filmmaker/director, who pioneered the art of stop-motion animation in 1910 with his film Lucanus Cervus, and who spent the next 50 years creating nearly 100 shorts and feature-length films that comprise one of the most inventive and influential bodies of work in the history of cinema. But despite all of his technical and artistic achievements, even as we celebrate the centenary of his first triumph, in the West his name remains almost completely unknown to all but the most esoteric animation buffs.

 Like all of the greatest filmmakers, Starewicz did more than just create films; he used the craft of cinema to invent an utterly unique, self-contained world, one that reflected his own unadulterated artistic vision. His films could be bizarre, surreal, funny, disturbing, and deeply touching, sometimes all within the same scene. It was sometimes unclear if they were intended for children or adults. Like the filmmakers who carry his influence (Terry Gilliam, Jan Svankmajer, the Quay brothers, Tim Burton, and Wes Anderson among them), his films exist somewhere in between the realms of disturbing adult darkness and innocent childlike whimsy.
{ read full articlce ~ http://brightlightsfilm.com/71/71starewicz_kewley.php ~ by Pat Kewley is an artist, writer, and film fan living in Buffalo, New York. More of his writing can be found on Salon.com and McSweeneys.net. He can be reached through his website,www.patkewleyisgreat.com.}

A few of his wonderous works..

 Le Rat des villes et le champs (1926) The Town Rat and the Country Rat

The Insects Christmas ~ 1913


Marvelous things this weekend ~ Dec. 8

Visit the Musee this weekend ~

The gallery will be open on Saturday from 12-6pm.
Exclusive collectables, original artwork and other marvelous things are for sale in the shop! 

The gallery will be open on most Saturdays!
Come see the 'Current Location' Exhibit. {Last day of the show is Sunday the 16th}


Open studio Flea market sale Saturday Dec.1st

We are getting ready for the 
Holiday Open studio  and Flea market sale at the gallery!
The Musee will be selling
art, objects, wonderments, toys, frames and more...
Come see the current art exhibit -
-Current Location-

Stroll around through both of the buildings at 
Factory Place... More than 20 studios will be open
for the Holiday Open Studio..
{tinsel is up and around and here is
a peak at some of the things that will be for sale}

Meet people, see art, workshops,
music and more!
There will be refreshments 
and a few food trucks.
This event is free and parking is free

here is the map-
and more info on fb-


In a squat, in a dodgy suburb...

A Perfect get together for the holidays...
 {my personal favorite film for all seasons} ...
'Dogs in Space'

The place is Melbourne, Australia 1978. The punk phenomenon is sweeping the country and Dogs In Space, a punk group, are part of it. In a squat, in a dodgy suburb, live a ragtag collection of outcasts and don't-wanna-be's who survive on a diet of old TV space films, drugs and good music. And the satellite SKYLAB could crash through their roof at any moment... 

read on about putting dogs in space...
tap on one of the images.


news of instant ongoing wonder

Yesterday I made a special ongoing
page of images just for the gallery..
the Musee is now on instagram.
Look for 

wonderments, objects, art, visitors, 
interesting things and icons...

{splendidly inspiring Marcel Duchamp 
wearing a lamp shade
with his bicycle wheel - 1951}


a day at the gallery..

Spent the day at the gallery with Gabi,
Nicole and Pumpkin..
Talking about film screenings, shows to come and 
workshops in the making.
 Above photo - Gabi Mendoza,
Nicole Panter and Pumpkin pose in front
of Nicole's work..
And here is a nice shot of Gabi in front of
his giant photographic work.

by friends of the Musee...

Enjoy some recent blog reading
about the gallery
by friends of the Musee!

{photo by Stephanie Sheldon}

A splendid shop owned and curated by
Stephanie Sheldon
in the Pacific Northwest -


{photo by Ava Alamshah}

A wonderful blog called
by Los Angeles artist and adventurer, 
Ava Alamshah


Last night's Current Location opening!

Thank you all for coming to the
Current Location
opening at the Musee last night!
And also a huge..
Thank you to all of the wonderful artists for
showing their work and sharing themselves with us.
Thank you Gabi for your creative curating skills 
and bringing it together..
We had a really great time!
Here are some snap shots from last night:

{Gabi curating}
{work by noelle & james}
{art fan}
{work by Marie}
{artists and visitors}
{art fans}
{work by Nicole Panter}


Tonight! Current Location - An Art Exhibit!

See all of you at the opening tonight!

info here -


Current Location - An Art Exhibit - Nov 15

Current Location -
Latitude:  34.0391003
Longitude: - 118.2360374
An Art Exhibit

Exhibit Reception - Thursday, 
November 15,  7pm-10pm

Works by -

James D. Olsen 

Curated by Gabi Mendoza

 November 15 - Decmber 16, 2012
at Musee16
  Los Angeles

1300 Factory Place
No. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90013



corner of the gallery

I have been setting up for the Sound Maps exhibit..
A lot of my altered photos will be in it.. along with
installation sound pieces.

Keep you posted on more to come and
when the preview will be..


Walter Benjamin - Paris Arcades

In 1927, on the occasion of a several-months-long visit to Paris, Walter Benjamin began taking notes on the Parisian Arcades for his most ambitious book project, which remained unfinished because of the repeatedly interrupted work process and, ultimately, his suicide in Portbou in 1940 when fleeing the German occupation. It was published posthumously as The Arcades Project. ...

more of the story here:



just a note..

thank you for all coming to our movie night last night..
and looking forward to the next one!


gorgeous far away animation

~  La Planete Sauvage  ~

also known as
Fantastic Planet ~ created in 1973
..Directed by Rene Laloux.

The film was produced in both 
France and Czechoslovakia
and won the special jury prize at the
1973 Cannes Film Festival.


today in the gallery..

 i worked on old book paper walls..
and sections of an installation project i'm doing.
then- a few of my artist friends,
 that live in the building, stopped by and
we had sandwiches and lemonade.

 and this is a view of my work station.
a bit of inspiration when i'm sitting at the drawing table.

[Pippa sent me the woman above 
and below is a picture of the Bauhaus circle]


The Pigeon Photographers

100 Year Old Aerial Photos 

Were Taken by Pigeons

Although pigeons nowadays are largely regarded as grubby urban pests, bumblers for bread crumbs, and unwelcome statuary redecorators -- in the not-too-distant past, their service to mankind was much loftier indeed. Not only were these hardy birds used to swiftly carry important messages and materials across great distances, for a brief stint at the turn of the last century, an elite group of camera-wielding pigeons also became early pioneers of a then burgeoning field: aerial photography.

In 1903, a German pharmacist named Julius Neubronner started employing carrier pigeons to receive and fulfill emergency prescriptions from a hospital in the region. One day, after a bird of his mysteriously returned after being lost a month late, Julius began to devise a way to track their flights.
Shortly after, the avid tinkerer and amateur photographer developed a lightweight, timer camera rig that his pigeons could wear in flight to snap rare aerial photos, the likes of which, at the time, could only be captured via balloons or kites.

According to Neubronner, there were a dozen different models of his camera. In 1907 he had sufficient success to apply for a patent. Initially his invention "Method of and Means for Taking Photographs of Landscapes from Above" was rejected by the German patent office as impossible, but after presentation of authenticated photographs the patent was granted in December 1908.

read the complete story and see the photos that were taken by the pigeons here-


June 28th ~ closing night of the Mushroom and Hot Dog Show

Come join us for the closing night of the Mushroom and Hot Dog Show
Thursday, June 28th at 8pm.
Meet some of the amazing artists and lounge about for
movie night!

There will be refreshments..but feel free to bring your own
& some snacks if you prefer.

If you would like to come by and see the show this last week
before it is taken down...contact the Musee for an appointment.


stop motion animation by...

The Wonderous and Delicious
Fantastic Tales of Ladislaw Starewicz ... Showing
his Amazing Russian and French stop motion animation!


Art works ~ Part 2 - A study of mushrooms and hot dogs...

These are a few more photos,
some close ups of the artist's works.. 
 on Exhibit at Musee16...This is part two.
Up from May 17th to June 28th -

{ James D. Olsen - California - Natural Science Sculptures }

{ James D. Olsen - California - collection }

 { Melanie Sinclair - Canada - Mushroom Study 1 through 5 }

 { Tammy J. McNary - Texas - Harbor }

{ Tommi Cahill - California - Pigs in a Blanket }

 { Elizabeth Huey - New York - Expo With Hot Dog }

 { Christina Owen - Oregon - Suri's Field Trip }

{ Deryke Cardenaz - California - An Examination.. of painting 
involving premise and execution }

 { Alyssa Emiko Hori - California - untitled }

{ Gabi Mendoza - California - untitled }

 { Eric JC Hofferber - Minnesota - Death of the Quest }

 { Elizabeth Strozewski - California - untitled }

{ Noëlle Maline - California  - Gash in a Roll }

 { Jim Stewart of the Zymoglyphic Museum - California 
- The Valley of the Stone Giants }

{ Jim Stewart of the Zymoglyphic Museum - California 
- The World of Wonders }

{ Dina Farris Appel - California - untitled }

{ Ray Young Chu - California - Frogs and Mushroom }

{ Jacqueline Wright - California - Mycology }

{ Dena Johnson - Arizona - Spider }

{ Janet Pickle - Pennsylvania - Blood Tooth }

If you would like any more information on any of the artists or their works,
please visit our website or the Musee16 facebook page.

musée 16