a diorama of an art exhibition

in a cabin, under the pepper tree, down by the sea


some snaps from the other night's opening...part 1

We  had such a wonderful time at the Diorama of an Art Exhibition's 
opening on Saturday night!

{ a corner of the gallery } 

Thank you all for coming! To the artists, musicians and fans 
who made this such a brilliant evening! 

 { work by artist, Karen Atkinson }
{ work by artist, Nicole Natri }

It was described by some as an exclusive dada clubhouse, 
an intimate reunion {of people who just met}, 

 {Stephanie, our guest cocktail artist, creating her signature
drink for the evening.. The Morosee16 }
{Mount Whateverest setting up}

a secret happening, a surrealist scavenger hunt..
part 2 coming up next.. to be cont.

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