a diorama of an art exhibition

in a cabin, under the pepper tree, down by the sea


setting up for this week's opening

Been at the gallery all week setting up, rearranging and 
picking up artist's works - 
for this Thursday's opening at 
on May 17th!

{more info in below blog -
The Mushroom and Hot Dog Basement Show}

Artists showing :
Christina Owen,
Tammy J. McNary,
Eric Hofferber,
Tommi Cahill,
James D. Olsen,
Elizabeth Huey,
Jacqueline Wright,
Deryke Cardenaz,
Alyssa Emiko Hori,
Gabi Mendoza,
Dina Farris Appel,
Elizabeth Strozewski,
Melanie Sinclair, 
Janet Pickle,
Ray Young Chu,
Dena Johnson,
Noelle Maline,
works on loan from 
Jim Stewart at the 
Zymoglyphic Museum

a performance by
Origins of Coal

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