a diorama of an art exhibition

in a cabin, under the pepper tree, down by the sea


~Prestidigitation!~ First show of the year! Jan 26th

Presenting ~
   the Musée’s first exhibition 
show of the year by 
Artist Tommi Cahill 
and Aural presentaion by Ronnie Barnett... 
with amazing balloon 
creations by

~ Prestidigitation ~

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 26th  7-10pm
Exhibit runs from January 26th to February 10th.

~Tommi Cahill is interested in imagery and media. She 
borrowed printing plates that date from the late 1800’s to the late 1950’s from magician and magic historian Mike Caveney which she printed on an old letterpress at the University of Redlands. The plates have not seen ink and paper in decades. The plates are mainly drawings of tricks and apparatus used in advertisements and of magicians who would pack them in a trunk and travel with them from town to town. Each time the magician would enter a new town the magicians’ assistant would carry the plates over to the local newspaper along with information about the show s/he would be performing. The plates and information would then be printed in the paper with the hope of gaining audience members for the shows.
   Tommi received her BFA at California Institute of the Arts and her MFA at Yale University. She has widely shown her work nationally as well as internationally. Her work is part of the permanent collection at the Yale University Art Gallery. She currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches 
Photography full time at the University of Redlands. 

  ~Ronnie Barnett is a Texas born musician who now lives in Los Angeles. Ronnie has been performing and collecting records since the age of 5. Ronnie has played in the L.A. based band The Muffs during their entire 22 year existence. He was once pictured with David Lee Roth.  

Award winning Balloon creations by :
~ Funny Eddie is a former Marine turned Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown. He has a large repertoire of award winning balloon creations. In addition to being a professional clown, Eddie also works as a comedy magician.

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