a diorama of an art exhibition

in a cabin, under the pepper tree, down by the sea


an interview with James D. Olsen

James Olsen is one of the artists showing work in the No.3 exhibit that is up right now-
So we pulled over a seat with him in the museum and asked him a few questions...
And his responses?

[musee] - 1.  If you had three chickens as pets...what would their names be?

[james] - Maybe Manny, Moe, and Jack... Oh, but I guess those are boys names..
OK, how 'bout Ethel- for Ethel Merman. Suga' and Jackie Brown- but you have to say Jackie like 'jacket', real quick like.

[musee] - 2.  Did you have a favorite twilight zone episode or outer limits episode, when you were a kid...and what about it really stuck with you?

[james] - Well, like most kids in USA... twilight zone was on all day while hanging out with the whole family on any huge holiday, even easter for some reason. So while I can say I have probably seen them all- I think I only really payed attention to one or at least it's the only one I remember. It is the one when the kids swim thru the hole and come out the other side to another place. Now I never really got to learn to swim until I was a teenager, maybe this episode gave me some kind of hebby-jebby about swimming. I was always really creeped out by all the freaky old people and there faces full of fear..

[musee] - 3.   If you were down in a bomb shelter for the next 10 years and someone curiously yelled down a tube one day and asked you if you wanted them to pick  you up some food from any restaurant in the world...and they were still open....where would that food be from? and what dishes would you want?

[james] - Since they can only reach me by tube, I think I should have to go with some awesome Mahé sushi or a
hotdog from Zack's Shack. If the tube was bigger I would go with a Chicken Run Ranch from Native Food

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